Chapters of Life

How many chapters do we have in our life?
I mean, we have childhood, and then the teenage years and then we became adults and then we start to become the old ones. Are those 4 the chapters of our lifes? Or the chapters are something else completely diferent?
I say, chapters of a lifetime aren't those periods only. Chapters can be each period when something really good and memorable happened. Right?

I'm only 18 years so I just became an adult and I can't say much about this thing called chapters of life but so far.. maybe I can try to define it a little bit, even if it's just for my pleasure of trying to figure out something new to me.

Childhood.. I could say there were some chapters during it, some important periods. The time when I used to pratice ballet - period that was defined by the fact that I was actually doing something that I liked, the time that I decided to focus on football and played it all the time with my friends, those day that I used to have sleepovers and thought they were the best thing in the whole word, or probably one of the most significant chapters during childhood, the birthdays! Each party had a theme, always in different places, always specials.
And in the recent years, the teenage years.. what can I say? Probably the time when I "found" more chapters. It was the time that I started to define myself and became conscious of my abilities, when I started to see the other people in a different way and became more focused on finding good friend, good people, rather than saying everyone was a "best friend". Also when my character started to be built due the drama in high school or the friendships I started to developing. Either way, this past years were significant ones and, right now, I can say they define who I'm becoming.

Now, with 18 years, graduated, I'm going to college next year. What is that? I say that's a major chapter in life. I'm almost beginning that one and yes, I won't lie, I'm afraid of what it may turn out to be but, what can be better than that? Have the opportunity to change your life when you see some stuff need to be change. I hope that this new chapter allow me to understand myself and give the good memories we all like to have someday.

So, that's it. Chapters. They are a possible name to define periods of life that have a meaning. They surely are different to each person, the numbers of chapters arent always the same neither are the moments, the one thing in common is that they are what define us, as a person.
Okay, probably the title "Chapters" wasn't the best one to be chosen to this post but it's always a possibility. I invite you to think and remember the chapters of your life, the ones that put a smile on your face mostly.

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