Feeling the Written Words

I was just checking my e-mails and I felt a huge need to write something here, and, to be more stranger, all the words that came up on my mind were in english, not in portuguese..

I was thinking, while I was reading my e-mails, how can generations be so different from each other? My generation grew up in the middle of technology. All we do is use internet, cellphones, ipods, mp3 players, watch tv, but once in a while, I feel the need to be different. How about you? I feel the need to get some distance from everything that society proclaims to everyone, I have the necessity to be alone with certain things that may seem boring to the present generation but that, somehow, bring a certain feeling of happiness.
When I was little I enjoyed to read.. ALOT! I was always reading and, therefore, writing little stories and so over. It became a habit that's true. The years passed and everytime I travelled with my parents I started buying those postcards from each city we visited. I never sent any postcard (ok, maybe three or four for some close friends when I was spending my whole summer in Azores because of my dad's job!). I just had a weird sense of happiness in buying them and then write something to anyone. Not anyone in special, I just imagined it was someone I really liked. It looks dumb, yes, I'm the first one to admit it!, but it made me happy.

I stopped doing that, mainly because of all the gadgets that started surrounding me in my life but right now, I can't avoid it. With the feeling to write something when some ideas came up to my mind, I always carry a notebook in my purse. Sometimes, just with a phrase, a simple word or the feeling when finished to listen a new song, words just float on my mind and I start writting. Happy to be able to write them, my own words, with my own hands, with a special pen given by a friend, the only thing that gives more pleasure in those moments it's the moment after, when all the things that were wrote are read for the first time. They always demonstrates our mood and how we are feeling at the moment.

And I talked about the feelings during a certain moment but.. there's also other thing that is lost in the present days but that I believe it's one the most beautiful things. Its kinda cheesy this last sentence but it's true. The art of writting letters to our friends, loved ones and others. I believe that the power of writing something with our caligraphy, with passion, with emotion, is far more valuable than a simple text wrote and send through e-mail, text message...

Try it someday! You'll see that you'll feel.. well.. at least, different!


  1. é engraçado de facto...nao só falamos em varias linguas...mas tambem acabamos a pensar em várias.

    Keep up.

  2. Yeap...nao só conseguimos falar em varias linguas...como começamos a pensar noutras tambem.