It Should Be Easy

"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth" by Christopher McCandless, in Into the Wild

Look at the beginning of this post.. it sounds really good doesn't it?! I mean, truth! It should be an easy thing to tell, it should be something that everybody would be willing to give to the other. Towards friends, parents, family, and even strangers...
The truth is something unique, I have no doubts about it. It's strong but, at the same time, fragile. Its power is enormous and its value underrated sometimes.

"Rather than love (...) give me truth"
Shouldn't always be like that? I mean, without truth it's hard to have a strong feeling of love towards the other person.
Friendships! Either there's truth and trust in the relationship or there isn't nothing to be called friendship and no reason to say we're friends with... That said, I say, when two people already claimed to be really good friends, shouldn't it be easy to write something to the other? Shouldn't be easy to be true to the shared moments and be able to write something to stay as a memory of some special moment? I say it should be! It's EASY! If there's a good relationship, all that things are easy. Yeah, maybe some prefer saying all the things during a conversation in person, some prefer writing them on some paper as a letter or something like that because it's the way they can express better but, no matter what, it should be easy.
If there's trust, if there's truth in a relationship, people shouldn't have blanks when writing something about shared moments.

So, rather than anything in the world, give me truth first! Because after having truth, all the rest becames as easy as you can imagine. Trust me.

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