Once When I Was Little

When I was little, life seemed a lot less complicated that appears to be now.
I mean, I was a kid. All I had to do was to spend the day at school playing with my friends at the swingers, playground, playing soccer later and all that. What could be more fun that?

There was no worries. Most the time we would be smiling and having fun. Playing hide and seek, playing catch... And every now and then telling that Johnny was our new boyfriend or hearing someone say something like that. Those kids stuff you know?

Every weekend, or weekend yes, weekend no, we would be at someone's house, for the birthday party! And that was the coolest when I think in the past. Because we spent not only the week together but also the weekend with themed parties, when the important thing was, according to our parents, "Have fun kid! We gonna pick up you later!". All we could answer was something like "Yeah yeah! Goodbye. I'm gonna play with my friends". I miss those days. It gives a certain nostalgic mood! Haha.

I still remember the cartoons I used to watch when I was little. They were, by far, way better than the cartoons that I watch today with my little cousin. I used to stay in bed as long as possible during the week, before school, but on the weekends, oh!!! That was always a different story. On Saturdays I would always wake up at 7am (too early yeah I know!). That was the time that the good cartoons would start, and they always ended at 11am so it used to be long hours in front of tv. The cartoons of my time?! Awesome! Pokemon, Dragonball, Ninja Turtles and other more girlies but that I don't know the title in English! haha Anyway, good times.

And the summer when I was little... oh man! Run on the beach like I was crazy, always building castles, playing at the water, and always making my mother carrying around a camera because she thought it was cute to take pictures of me and my brother and sister and film us.

Nothing better than remember some of the happy times that I can remember like it was yesterday.
What are some of your best memories of your childhood?!

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