The Pros and Cons Of Breathing

If we are breathing, it means we are living. And as we live.. there's only one question that once in a while may appear.. "Are we living it correctly?!"

Maybe yes, probably not. The reality is that there's no way correct way to live; there's only the possibility to live it the best possible way.

The secret about life is knowing how to appreciate the valuables moments of our life. Those where we just feel a feeling of happiness. Those that makes us feel that life is good and that everything is going to be just fine and nothing else matters.

Life can't be rushed, it shouldn't be! Off course there's the hard work needed so we can accomplish our goals but, life can't always be considered full of contradictions, it's necessary to see the bright side of it from time to time.

By the way, not too long ago I also discover a blog, The Rest Is Still Unwritten and there I found a post that also reflects this kind of thinking. Read it because it's really good!

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