Running Out Of Days

So, today, it's already July 14th. Yes it is! Its already 12:01pm (the hour I started writing this at least!).

Anyway, it means that I'm on the second day of the date that I have available to make some of my biggest decisions. It's applications time! I have to decide what university to apply, what to study and all that. At first, I thought It would be easy, super easy, but now, I wish I could have that thought so I could feel, somehow, I little bit more calm.

NOW WHAT?! What do I do?

It is a big decision! No matter what university I choose, the enviroment will be definitely, no matter what, people will change, I'll be more away from home. And I wonder, at the same time that I try to decide which one to choose in first place, will that be something good or bad? Because, c'mon, changes can't all be bad... right?!

All I know is that I'm running out of days and I need to choose and make my top 6 of choices by order of preference. It's getting my nerves!

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