Scene Change

Some people don't like it...
Some people get anxious about it...
Some people turn out to be happy with it...
But some.. some people don't even know when it's going to happen.

When we go to a theatre, there are acts, there scenes, different scenes. Each scene is a little part of the story we are watching and trying to understand. Anyway, when some people have attention on the actors, performances, and story itself, some focus on the changes that happen between situations, between acts.

Most of the time, during life, what's need the most, when we feel out of this world, when we feel that nothing makes sense, is a change. But not a change like starting to wear make-up, short shorts that almost look like a belt instead of a pair of shorts.. nothing like that. For many times, the necessary change is a change of enviroment in our life. A scene change. If we find ourselves able to finthat scene change, when we feel lost, it can be certainly great to start all over again and doing new memories, idealize new resolutions, new goals. A scene change isn't necessary to forget the past and don't remember it anymore but to make a improvement over it, make a change with the possibility of creating something new better for ourselves and, when the occasion allows it, better for the people that we live with.

From time to time it's also important that we want to face a scene change and get the energy to "pull the ropes" and change everything.

Right now, I think I'm in transition. I feel that with the possibility of going to college in the Fall a new scene change is coming in my direction. Yes, I'm nervous about it. My aplications have to be done next week, gonna do them Monday, and I'm quite nervous. Not only because of the big decision it is because it will be a place where I will be for 4 years at least, but also because there will be the opportunity to start from zero, with new people, with another maturity, with another character. I know a scene change it's coming.. but I still don't know how I'm gonna react to it!

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