Wrong Choice

What's a wrong choice? Does it affect the one who decided or the ones who surround the first one? And how can be a choice categorized as a wrong one? Is there some kind of rules for that?

Several are the moments when we find ourselves on a crossroad, without any idea of what to choose, what to do, what to say, who to support, who to trust... But when that moment come, I mean, the moment when we finally reach some conclusion and say "I know what I'm gonna choose to do", are you sure you don't feel insecure about it? Not even a little bit? Because, I don't believe in someone who says they are positively sure about something! Okay, yeah, one thing is when we say something about.. I dont know.. about the characteristics of a cellphone or other stuff like that, but, refering to decisions that are made after analising any other options there could be, I'm pretty sure that there isn't anyone who feels 100% secure when putting them in action.

But, coming back to what I beginning to wrote, how can we know that a decision we made is the wrong one? Seriously, unless we could live two lifes at the same time, where we could have choose different things in each one so we could check the differences, there isn't a real way to compare. The only thing left to do when a decision is taken, and after seeing whats the consequence of that option, is to wonder "what if?"; but that's only for those who like to think about something over and over again, always reflecting about it (though I think that's something everyone does without knowing at first!).

Relationships... are made of choices. Right ones or wrong ones, it doesn't matter. The success of a relationship relays on the decisions made by both parts and all the events that happen due them.

And I believe this was my point when I started this post - make a bridge between this topic and relationships. I

I've been thinking... every relationship has ups and downs off course, like everything in life (and yeah, don't say anything against that because if you live in the real world there's no way you only live "up moments" or only "down moments". If you say that I advice to look better and remember different moments of your life!). But, can be some of the relationships classified as a wrong choice? Can the persistance of keeping something alive, for pleasure of the other only be considered a wrong choice? Because, in that way, it affects me. But, on the other hand, If I decide not to lie and tell things as they are, without making pretty lies around it to create an ilusion in order to see if the relationship is strong enough or not, is that also considered wrong choices?

Because, telling the truth its important! And often, that can lead to acts of forgiveness (only forgiveness, not moments to forget what happened!) but then, those same acts of forgiveness will lead many times to the so called second chances, which, sometimes, can evolve to third chance, fourth chance, and the list can go on... In that case, of giving chances, one after another, that is a wrong choice right? That can be considered a wrong choice?

Because that has been on my mind for a couple of days and.. how many wrong choices I've been putting in action? And the chances I give after every forgiveness? Are they wrong choices?

By the way, the post title it's "Wrong Choice", which is the title of a song by The Lovely Feathers. The most likely from now on is that my post titles are song titles. I just.. I see some and the idea for a post come so..

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