You Can Never Go Back

If there’s one thing that belongs to everyone is TIME. And if there’s also something that the human being can’t control, and there’s no arguing about that, it’s TIME.
I bet that everyone in the world has already wished, even if not out loud, that there was a possibility to travel through time right? To get back some days, or only hours, just to re-do something or change our reaction or attitude towards something or someone.
Time! Impossible to slow down or make it go faster than it goes normally.

Sometimes, all we need is time to do something, to finish a work, or just to win the courage to say something really important to that special person. Time to think about the problem that has been in our mind for weeks, time to enjoy a little more of the summer breeze in the beach (cheesy yeah I know!), minutes to create new memories with friends, all that kind of things!

That’s why we can’t change what we want, whenever we want. When time has passes, there’s no going back. A change will always leave a mark and being present.
So, take it easy. Don’t take anything for granted. Make the best you can with your own time, otherwise, in one year time, you may be wondering how could things change so much in such little time. And believe me, it’s not worth the effort!

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