Exposed Heart

An exposed heart leads to a broken heart.
Once a broken heart, always a careful one.

And that opens the door to the next subject. A broken heart leads to trust issues.
I have trust issues. I don't trust easily. I don't tend to trust people around me. At first I analyse them (and believe, I have an incredible - and even scary for me most of the time - ability to be right about a single person minutes after I meet her), then, I may give them the benefit of doubt, and then, if they, somehow, convince me they can be worth the time, I may talk with them more often. But trust? One thing is the "common" trust, when we ask someone to do that for us or give a message to someone because we know they will, but other thing is "the" trust. That kind of trust that we know we can tell anything to the other person, when we know the other one is going to help us when we need, as we would help them if necessary. The trust where sometimes there isnt the necessity of talking through words to understand, the trust that somehow let us live with the feeling that we are safe in our own lifes just because we have that person or the other one in our lifes.

That trust is hard to find, hard to maintain but, at the end, one of the best things.

So be careful with your heart and don't let him too exposed. Yes, you should consider the others and help the others and always give the benefit of doubt (well, in some cases I wouldn't say thats really necessary) but think in your own person first. Think about the moments you need to be happy and don't be just a piece in someone's life.

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