Once Upon A Broken Heart

The disappointment he (my best friend. the guy I trusted the most) gave me was probably the worst until now, like i never imagined he could give any kind of disappointment. In the past days, when we would try to make plans, we would say that we wasn't free. "I already have some things planned" he would say. "Okay, no problem", always my answer. Then I talked to him about the possibility of giving a walk and then stop at the mall for a coffee and check some books - we loved to do that, we were always doing that. And he says he can't because he'll be out of town for whole week. "Ohh okay, no problem. Have fun" I replied. Instead I went with my family, less exciting but.. a way to get distracted. And after a few minutes inside the mall, my heart just starts to break... I look to the other side of the store i was, and I see him. I see him in flesh, obviously not out of town, and obviously in the same mall I invited him too. Then I looked back, even that I turn around to the place where I've been before so our paths wouldn't cross, I looked carefully and I saw his company. The company.. the girl who also used to be one of my best friends, the girl who stopped talking to me from one hour to the other, who stopped to saying hi when I did nothing but resolve my own problems, which weren't with her. And no, it wasn't jealousy or envy or nothing like that. It was disappointment. It was sadness. It was tears that started to appear at my eyes and didn't let me see the crowd in front of me properly. And it was on that same moment, that exactly second when the first tear fall in my hand when I cover my face so my sister wouldn't see it, that was the moment when I started to realize how it takes such a few minutes to stop feeling any kind of preocupation towards other person. Maybe I could even say, such few minutes to start hating someone, or.. strongly dislike. All the trust, all the "pillars" where a relationship is founded on can be destructed in seconds, minutes...

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  1. Omg, I'm so sorry. What a jerk to totally blow you off like that, and what an idiot to go to the same place you'd be going. What happened after that? Did you approach him? Have you talked to him? Did you tell your sister? Ugh, I gotta know.
    What a jerk, though.