Brand New Day

The day before yesterday. Two days ago. Whatever you want to say.. it's past. But every once in a while you should be able to remember the past due significant memories, single moments of happiness (the sad ones just forget about them. block them!).

And I'm sure I won't forget this date, September 11th. I know that for some that day has another meaning but for me, the meaning its different. It was a day that i found myself able to laugh a little bit more than I did during the past weeks, no matter what.

On September 11th I had a cerimony. Not fancy at all, kinda special, but mostly a simple cerimony. That day I was able to say, around 7pm or something like that, I was done, I completed high school. I received the certificate as I ended the high school with 18 values which is pretty good once that the scale is from 0-20! So, yeah, happy happy!

But after that cerimony, when I got home, the day just got better. A text message from a friend saying to check my e-mail. And I did it without thinking it twice. The reason?! The results of the applications to college could be out for me already. And they were. It was a little after 8pm that I found out I was accepted at college! I GOT ACCEPTED! I jumped, I screamed (a good scream! haha), I laughed, I yelled for my parents! I couldn't believe because, after all, I got accepted at the college I wanted, at the 1st choice I applied to. That couldn't be better. While I was still assimilating everything the text messages didn't stop. Telling teachers, receiving congratulations, knowing about my friends, giving them congratulations or support in some cases, calling to some of my familiars with who I keep a close relationship. It was a really good day.

After all, it's going to be a new beginning, a whole new change in my life. To the course and college I applied to, I will only have one friend going with me. I will meet a lot of new people and gonna be away from some things and that can't be all that bad. Monday I'll go with some friends to the college to get everything right and.. can't wait.

So let's pretend we are together so I can give a toast. My toast goes to all of you who are going to begin college this year, who are going to begin high school or another chapter of your life because all that means nothing but a new beginning to reinvent yourself. Don't waste it and enjoy it the most!!

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