Best Days Of Your Life

WOW! It has been awhile since the last time I wrote something here. And I can say that since the last post a lot have changed. (YES!! really happy for most of it!)

So, as I said before, yes, I got accepted. And the Monday after that I went to college with some friends to make sure I was there, pay what I had to pay and asking for luck so I could have the teacher I wanted in first place. But.. forgetting all the boring stuff.. and despite the fact that tomorrow I'll be officially finishing my second week of classes in college, I'll talk about the first week.. when I only had classes friday.

How about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursay, you ask... Well, those were the freshmen days. =) They were really fun! Got to meet new people, lots of them! I met some freshmen and also some who weren't.. bottom line, it was GREAT! And for some reason most of people say that those weeks happen to be some of the best days of our life, when talking about college memories.

Perhaps the most memorable moments of those days, at least for me, were the "Rally Tascas" and the Baptism.

Rally Tascas was a rally, as the name say, and during that rally we would pass through some places where students of the college, the older ones, were waiting for us. Pretty much, it was a day for drinking. Every place were we stopped we all would drink wine. And well, the group where I was, between those places we would also drink beer. We didn't get wasted or anything.. It was just fun!

The baptism was a cerimony we had in Belém so we could be baptized from fellow students, the oldest ones. The godfathers or godmothers we chose are the ones who gonna help us through the course and teach us everything we need to know about college traditions and all that.

I end up the day with two godfathers and one godmother, all from different years, all with different status inside the college. It was awesome! The baptism started at 7pm and ended at 9 almost 10pm. (a picture at the beginning of the cerimony)

And after all those days of fun (yeah, I end up not attending the last one because of an indigestion.. and I wondered what would be the cause of that haha) we started the college. The classes! The studying time!

How it has been? Hard work! That's it. But nothing that I can't get used to. Besides, it's what I want so.. what's the point of being negative towards it?

And how are the people of my class? Good people! haha I only knew one, the girl who went with me to that same course, but Ialready met new people who are great to hang out with, who are fun and really nice.

Right now, I could say I'm trying to enjoy the good things life is presenting me with. Sadly there are still bad things but all I'm doing right now is trying to ignore them, pretend they are something else... But about that, If I talk it will be any other day.. Not today..

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  1. That's great! I'm so happy for you!
    Unfortunately, i'm only a few months away from graduating from high school and experiencing what you have.
    I can't wait to go to college, i already know where i want to go and everything. last saturday i had to take my SAT's. i hope my scores come back ok. they'll will determine what school really accepts me, and i want to go to UTSA's Health and Science center to study to become a forensic pathologist. ok, i'm rambling. really? i'm happy for you. just enjoy it!