Cleaning Out My Closet

As I say I'm gonna keep this blog more updated.. well.. I'm gonna try. Probably I will use the time I use to get away from work to write a little bit..

Anyway.. So, I'm in college, I'm meeting new people, living new experiences.. What I want to say is, I'm having a new beginning! Which is good! Really!!!
Actually it's this new beginning that is allowing me to get things straight in my life, in my relationship with the world, with the society if you want to put in that way. I can say, making a comparison, that I'm cleaning my roads, my life. I'm getting ride of bad things and I'm looking forward to enjoy the simple things and the good moments, giving the superficial things zero importance. Sounds good right? Yep, I think so!

Not many days ago I took a decision that perhaps was taken too late... However, late or not, I don't feel regrets towards it. I believe, right now, that was one of the best decisions I made for a long time. I (finally!) put a end in a friendship that somehow began to be something else with the time, something else that not a true friendship. Perhaps all we were during the time we know each other was work colleagues, perhaps that's all and we just let certain actions make us believe in that there was another level of trust. Anyway, I don't want to get in details because I'm closing that chapter of my life. In fact, I'm erasing it! I can say I'm cleaning out my closet (understand that the closet it's like...ahmm.. the closet is the box with my memories and thoughts about actions and blablabla, you know the drill). I'm getting everything organised and it couldn't be better!

With all this said I can end this post with one simple thought. I'm beginning a chapter and with the feeling that its gonna be a good one and knowing that I can't let things be something they are not and be able to just say whats necessary, without delaying it.

And I found this song last night and well, the lyrics are just perfect for what happened. For what I started to feel the last days before the big decision.

I will not sit here waiting
I refuse to be patient
I will not let you waste my time
I won't try to make it faster
I won't rush what comes after
I won't sit around
boy get in line

We've been down this road
and nothing seems to change
but I won't be left alone
won't be left in the rain
waiting for you is like

waiting for the sun to die
waiting for the ocean to dry
waiting for a car that ran out of gas to drive in to sight
waiting for the moon to fade
waiting for a rock to change
it's pointless, a waste of time

(second verse)
I know there is better
better than waiting for never
I won't stay here forever
I will move on

I won't sit around
won't let you bring me down
won't be pushed to the ground
said I won't sit around
won't let you bring me down
won't be pushed to the ground oh no


1 comment:

  1. Wow, I like that song.
    But that's good. You're starting a new life, closing (erasing) that last chapter, and starting anew.
    I hope your next few posts will keep us updated on how everything is going. And you're right, that post is perfect. =)