Friday I'll Be Over You

Today is Monday. Only five days, counting today, are left until I start weekend.

Until then, I'm gonna get out of this mental labirint and I'll be over you and everything related to you. After that you will stop to make a difference in my humor. After that I won't be too nice over and over again.

Richard Serra - The Matter Of Time


  1. Don't you just love fridays.
    Hey if you need a new laptop for school, check out David's blog and see what all the buzz is about. =) Tell him I sent you.

  2. P.S.: Do you know what ever happened to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? She hasn't blogged in like a month, wonder what happened to her.

  3. Glad to know there's someone out there that can understand the beauty of something often seen as..."cold". =)
    Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is back to blogging....she gave me goosebumps...