Hiding Behind A Smile

Fake smile... sympathetic smile... pitty smile... Does any of these expressions ring a bell to you? Hmm, I'd bet anything as they do! And I'm pretty sure you already did one of these at least once in your life.

Every once in a while we found ourselves surrounded by good people (I don't mean all people who are around us but most of them) and in those moments all we want is to enjoy life, to laugh, to create new and good memories, to have fun... Despite of that "dream", real life isn't just like that (though I must say it would be awesome).

Sometimes things aren't going the way we expected, sometimes there are other situations in our life that make us feel a little bit down... just sometimes. Why? It's just life. The thing is, when that happens what we often do is to pretend like nothing is happening. We try to ignore it. Or, I'd say, we try to make ourselves believe that isn't true and try to show that same belief to the others, to the people who we hang out with every single day.

Unless I'm really tired, or just had enough of pretending to be something I'm not, I do pretend. I can fake a smile, I can fake emotions. No, I don't do that in a manipulative way... I just... I just know how to make other people believe that I'm okay and happy with everything. I know, I know, it may sound like I'm a fake person but I'm gonna try to explain you my point of view. Every person has their own problems, their own moments of sadness, enthusiasm, happiness (and the list could go on) and every person has a circle of friends. Real friends are always there for each other but, don't you ever feel in that position that from time to time you should keep some stuff to yourself and just think to yourself? Without worrying another person? Because, and that's just my opinion, sometimes we should try to deal with things by ourselves, without exterior help...

So yeah, I often hide myself behind a smile. Every once in a while I pretend that I'm okay and happy with everything, I pretend that everything is going the way I want. Why? Just because I don't want to worry the others and also (just sometimes) to try make myself believe that it's just my imagination and that there's nothing wrong going on....


  1. Why are you hiding behind a fake smile? what's going on?...
    I'll admit, I do that too. I'm the "suffer in silence" type, ...
    "Never tell your problems to anyone. 10% don't care, and 90% are glad you have them."
    I can't say I don't care or I'm glad you have something wrong with your life, I'm just worried. Writing it out helps, though.
    ...so really?
    What's wrong?

  2. You shouldn't have to though. Honestly, in my opinion, i think you should just give up on him if he's making you so sad. you have a lot to worry about in life, the last thing you should think about is him. you know?