I Like What You Say

"I like him, he says okie dokie."
'Dean Winchester', Supernatural

Right now I love a group of people who appear to have a certain ability towards myself. I love to notice that my humor changed because someone said a certain word to me (or in some cases when someone does something really cute xD). Sometimes a single word, and I mean a common one, not too fancy, not too important, just a simple word or even expression just makes my day a little bit happier and it's also what sometimes makes me think, at the end of the day, that waking up was worth the effort.

Some words or actions that made me smile the last days? Here are some..
- okie dokie (and no, I havent heard it lately from that episode of Supernatural! lol)
- ouioui
- someone who was nice enough to warm up my hand because they were really cold
- to be able to say that I have a certain day/hour with my godfathers and godmother of college
- some staring looks with a friend that makes words unnecessary
- a sweet and nice "good morning"
among others...

Try this too! Think about your past days and try to find what makes you smile. It can be actions, it can be simple words like me.. Just find them and enjoy those moments and be grateful for them.


  1. Just a nice smile from a close friend or even a stranger can make up the best of my days. =)