I'm Still Here

Yep, once again I haven't post anything for weeks. The reason... COLLEGE!!!! I mean... College WORK!!!!! Loads of it!
Every week we have, at least, one new work to do, and let me tell, there isn't a single one that we can define it as easy. Like I said before and like I was several times told before I got into Architecture.. An architecture student, unless he really likes what he's doing and studying, he's just a masoquist! It's hard! The amount of works take us HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS!!!!

And the sleep? Uff I'm not gonna get in details but let's just say that we don't sleep much. Since I started college, and I'm only in the 1st year, I already worked for an entire day. I woke up at 6.30am and went to bed around 4am so I could wake up.. again! at 6.30am... Awesome don't you think? Yeah, I think that too! Ha!

But.. oh well.. despite that, we always have to see the good side right? So, bottom line, I'm having fun!!! I'm loving college, loving the people with who I've been hanging out with, happy with the fact that I've been able to see who I can consider a friend once that the high school class went all for diferent places (yep, I tried to maintain contact with everyone but they won't answer back so I won't make pressiona bout it).... Happy!

I have fun all day (until I get home but that's another thing) and.. yep, thats it!

Ohh.. but happy or not there's only one thing missing... I need some sleep! I need a extra day or extra hours in a day so I can be at my comfy comfy bed! xD ! Hahaha!


  1. No sleep? Ugh, that's making me not want to go to college. =)
    Glad you're having a good time, but just know that all your hard work now will definitely pay off in the future. College is just a way of thinning the crowd, to see who really wants to make money after graduation. So stick it out, you'll get lucky.
    Gald to have you back by the way, was starting to get worried. =)

  2. I'm so glad I have my reader back!!! It's exciting to know that the one person that actually read my blog and responded is back. It was sad to write and have no one read it. I hope i'm not pressuring u to keep reading, you still gotta focus on those studies, but you sleep and enjoy those sweet dreams.
    Once again, i'm glad to have you back. =)
    Thanks for all the input, some of it had me laughing at the computer (like the one where you missed halloween). Don't worry, I ended up being out of town where there wasn't cable or internet. It didn't feel like halloween was ever here. There weren't even any trick-o-treaters. =(
    We still have next year (and yes, I'm a horror movie fanatic), you should check out the movie Paranormal Activity, i hear that puts Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and (yes, even) The night of the living dead to shame. Check it out. =)