My Favourite Book

What's your book of election? Were you ever asked about that?
I know most of the kids or even teenagers say "I don't read" and probably it's true but even those who read, sometimes is just too hard to choose. For me it is at least...
Well.. nope, I don't know what's mine. I'm serious! I can probably say you a couple of books I did enjoy, like the Picture of Dorian Gray, but THE one? Sorry, I don't have the answer.

But, with or without answer, I have another theory. We are facing this the wrong way. Why the necessity of having a favourite book? Okay, I'm not saying we shouldn't have one but.. if we do like a book it's because of its story, of what we may think while reading so.. isn't our favorite book a way that allow us to live in a different world? Yes! I believe in that. So.. why choose a book? Perhaps one day, when someone asks me that same question, I'll just answer something like.. "Sorry, I don't have one.." "Why?" the person will ask. "Well, because my favourite book is probably about what I'll write about, the book I'll love the most it's the one that tells my adventures, that shows my knowledge, that reflects my life. That's my favourite. The others are just "what if's" of my mind".

Always write your story! And never stop dreaming while reading the others. Just give yours the credits it should be given and don't ignore it.

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