Not Givin' Up


I know I haven't update the blog for quite a time but this has been cahotic with all the college stuff and college work and exams. Its stressfull! It became really impossible to come here and write something decent!

Anyway, they are almost finishing. If everything goes weel, this Friday night I'm already free and I'll have two weeks or more of vacation. In that time I have two goals: update the blog often and give a change to the layout of the blog. I'm gonna try to get some time just to reinvent this blog and some things that I'm not pleased to.

And, with all this, I haven't check the others blog too so that's another goal for me to accomplish next week. Read all the posts that were published during my absence from the blog world! xP haha


  1. Looking forward to having you back for those two+ weeks. :)

  2. Wow!!! I'm liking the new look...sooo official, like a real blog. and thanks for the support, glad you liked the post, and if there's one thing I've learned, i know now to make sure the person can back up their claims when they say someone else can do something for them...lesson learned the hard way, ugh..