Losing Sleep

It's already past 3am and I just can't sleep. No matter how hard I try I just can't. Insomnias I would say. Something already familiar.
You know what's funny about insomnias? They always lead you to one of this; you either start to have some awesome ideas for some workds or activities to do or you start thinking about everything, and I really mean everything.
In the first case, well, no matter how amazing your ideas are, if you don't live by yourself you just gonna have to write them on a paper because you can't wake up the others. Ohhh... and hope that you can have the same enthusiasm the next time you hold the paper and read the idea because otherwise... puf! that idea will never become reality. Trust me! I know that!
Hmmm.. and thinking? Well, that wouldn't be my advice, at all, but it's something inevitable so, get ready! You'll start by remembering someone, then you will start your own kind of movie inside your head, and then you'll remember old stuff, memories... In the end, you'll confront yourself with a lot of "what if..."'s....
What I do? The thinking is always here (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this either) but I try to distract myself. I listen some of my favorite songs and try to focus on the lyrics and not on my thoughts of what if's. Most of the time I end up lying in my bed just staring at the dark and with a background music.

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