A Year Ago Today

I started thinking... a year ago I was beginning 2009. A year ago everything was different, everything was new at the time.

Today its February 6th, 2010. I'm on vacations from college. Yep, that's right. A year ago I was probably studying for evaluation tests or most probably drawing for my draw class. I was having classes. I was in the middle of my senior year. And what a year it was I must say.

Everything was different back then. The people I used to hang out with are not the same anymore, the talks I used to have are no longer something present on my life. Why? I like to think it's because people grow up. People change, people begin to choose their own path of life.

It's true! People who I used to think we would be really great friends for life well.. what can I say? We are walking through different paths. I don't give up on them, that's for sure. I still try to maintain the contact but sometimes is just to hard to keep doing that over and over again. So, one of the best piece of advice I ever received? Just let it go! Yep, it may sound hard but it's the best. The ones who are true to you will stay by yourside through everything. The ones who just keep a bigger distance from you each day well, just forget. Maybe there was really something wrong in the relationship and things weren't strong enough. It's life!

No worry. You may cry every once in a while for some of that people but in the end, you'll see. The ones around you will be those with who you can really count on. Trust me! If they are reliable, no matter what kind of work each one of you have, there will always exist enough time to meet, to chat, to phone.. everything!

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  1. Funny how things change so quickly. And the funny thing is, right now, I'm in the middle of my senior year, and a year from now, I'll be thinking the same thing you are. Musing over how life has changed. :)