Daring To Be Different, Pt II

In a world where marketing is everything, where fashion is something that drives most people (usually girls. atention! i said usually.. not always), it's common to see everyone look the same. Everybody listens the same songs, likes the same actors or actresses, watch the same type of movies or go to the same places and dress alike if not the same clothes.

Every once in a while we can also find someone who dares to be different. Someone who doesn't wanna necessarily to stand out and have 15 minutes of fame but rather be different, be unique, just not to feel like a product made in a fabric where everything looks the same. Well, at least I do that. I do it smoothly but still, always my way, without the pression of having to be like the others just to be part of the group.

Being different it's not bad. For me, being different its actually something great! To be different, in our society, isn't just dress just in one color or like a rainbow, paint your hair blue or green... People "categorized" different are those who have a mind of their own, who have their own ideas, even when they go against every idea that the group of people surrounding them have.

Off course there are many ways to be different but most of the time the only thing thats necessary to be different is to have a mind capable to think by itself and just not follow the others just to be part of the group.

I try to be different, I have my own ideas. And according to many, I really am different. Bad? Not in my opinion. It's because I'm different that I have some happy moments that most don't understand.

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