How Strong Are You Now

Do you feel strong? Or are you strong?
Are you capable of forgetting your own wishes in order to make another one happier?
Can you sacrifice yourself and, who knows, a little of your happiness?
Let's just say..
To give "love" advices to a friend is somehow regarding. To help a friend when he/she likes someone and give them the help they need to get there, to talk, to try something with the person they like its always good. And if everything ends well you can only feel happy for them, for the success it was after all the confusions and plans to show the other their love.
And... how about giving love advices to the person you like? To the person that doesn't know how much you like them? Is that being a good friend? Is that being a strong person? Not for them.. but for yourself. Are you being strong because of your own person?
After all I say it's a good thing. Because if we love someone the thing we should be more worried about is their happiness. And if their happen to feel happy with other person, why not give them the support and the help and the friendship without telling anything more than the necessary?

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