A Teardrop Hitting The Ground

Life isn't black and white. You can't always have the right and the wrong. You just can't.

There's always the shades of gray. It's always there those feelings that show how something can be right but, at the same time, completely wrong.

Maybe because of all the shades of gray we live with everyday, we often confront ourselves with situations where we don't know what to do or say. Sometimes the feelings are so mixed that we are not sure if we should scream, jump, dance, cry, laugh or just talk...

From time to time, there isn't really much to do, and that often happens when something just affects you like you never thought something could. It can be an argument with a close friend, it can be a reaction from someone, it can be a whole telenovela that happened to "catch" you and just put you in the middle of everything. In that time there's no point in screaming as well in talking. You just can't go for that alone. You can just think about talking if there's another person who allows to become part of it with you. Only if the other person is willing to talk too. If not, there's nothing to do, no matter how hard you may try to solve anything. Trust me! Alone, some stuff are just way too hard, even when in your head they don't seem that difficult.

And, if there's no talk, no scream, and no reason to laugh or jump there's only thing you can do, for yourself only. Cry. Not necessarily a river, but let the tears appear every once in a while. Give yourself permission to see a teardrop hit the ground, the desk, your hand.. anything. That's probably the best way to defend yourself, to express yourself. Crying isn't always bad. Sometimes is just necessary.

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