Thinking Over

Crossroads. Two directions. Three. Four. Millions... Which road is the right one? And what's the best way to decide? Alone, thinking about everything over and over again? Or with the company of someone who can understand and have the strength for both?

Being divided. Having too much to think about. And the necessity of taking a decision. A decision needed for yesterday...

I'm thinking over... the things everybody says.

"I've been searching for a reason
And I'm running out of time
I can feel that it's the season
It's time to make up my mind

And I can't really tell you what I'm gonna do
There are so many thoughts in my head
There are two roads to walk down and one road to choose
So I'm thinking over the things that you've said
Thinking over the things...

I'm thinking over
Thinking over
Thinking over
The things that you've said
And I'm thinking over
Thinking over
Thinking over the things..."
Thinking Over by Dana Glover

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