Under The Influence Of You

Inevitable. Real.
We may have our own ideas and stick by our own philosophy of life but there's something we can't deny. We can't deny to ourselves, and to the world, that we live and act according to someone or something. That's just the way it is.
In life we live under the influence of something, or someone. Some live under the influence of alcohol, others drugs, others under their own idea that if they don't get that tech or the other they won't be accepted and, therefore, their life will worth zero, nothing!
And, for better or for worse, sometimes we find ourselves living under the influence of someone, or multiple someones. It's common. Some act according the ideas of a friend, mother, father.. others according to a group of people. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes the influence is probably the best thing that ever happened but sometimes, sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes is that same influence that really defines someone's life.
Influences. Addictions. Habits.
They all guide us in life. They won't disappear. They won't turn out invisible just because we don't like them or want to ignore. They exist. And they will always be on our side.

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