The Dance

I dance. You dance. We dance.

Wanna dance? Fine. "Hey. How are you? My name is MK. What's yours?". You say your name and then I'm gonna ask something else. You answer and ask another. I answer and we will keep doing that for some time. Don't you feel that you are already dancing? I do. We're developing a relationship. It's great when nobody seems to miss a single step.
My question is... What happens when the dance becomes boring? Should we change the music? Or just try to coreograph new moves?

What if new coreographies are not enough? Sometimes one of the dancers can't keep up with the new music, or even remember the original song and its steps.

What to do then? Put the dance shoes aside, leave everything behind and move on to try to find another dance to pratice?

I'd love to keep dancing but only with a partner that wants to keep the dance going on, not because of duty or bad feelings but because it's something he likes.

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