Maybe I'm Amazed

I like to laugh.

I really like to have a good moment of laugh every day or just have a smile on my face for a resaon only known by me. It's fun. It feels good.

I laugh mostly because of the little things.
I laugh because of something someone says to me. I laugh because that person looks at me in a certain way. I carry a smile on my face whenever I hear a song that gives me chills (good chills) or makes me feel a little bit happier than the minute before.

Maybe I'm amazed by small things and not only by big gestures. I'm simple. But don't get fooled.. I'm not saying that I'm easily amazed or that I don't like something more "big" every now and then. I do like the "surprise factor" off course. I'm just saying that I often find reasons to smile in the smallest things around me. I love it!

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