Silence Is Golden

Silence is Golden.
Never heard? My dad says that all the time. Well, maybe just because I tend to rambling.. a lot... but even when I'm not rambling, he says that. One of the advices he always gives me.
And yes, it's true! Silence is Golden!

Some stuff don't have to be necessarily said. They can stay in the shadows and always be part of the silence in the room. They are meant to be known by one person and, on the other hand, be wondered by the other.

Zip it! Every now and then..

Talking isn't always a good thing. If too much you'll probably face silence in the future.. one that may hurt a little bit.


  1. Isto foi escrito pa mim? :X

  2. Naaaoooo!
    Achas? Ai de ti que fizesses alguma que me fizesse fazer um texto destes. Que nem está muito repreensivo mas acho q entendes o q quero dizer.