Simple Man

He's nice. He's also cute but mostly, it's a simple man.
Yep, I'd like one of those please.

I'm not picky. Okay, maybe a little (which is normal in my opinion. Being a little bit picky), but I don't have a "type", whatever that means. I can like someone with blue eyes, and then one with black hair instead of blonde, one goofy or other more geeky or nerd. Who knows?

I don't care about those things. Though I must say I like some eyes color more than others... Try to guess if you want to. Anyway, to continue with the rambling... I like someone who's simple, someone true to himself and that isn't afraid to say the things the way they are. Someone who has his own personality and not something influenced by the opinions of friends.

Be simple. That catives more than you can imagine.
I think... just my opinion.

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