No Sleep Tonight

So, today, I'm gonna make a day with 48 hours.. or close to that.
Why? College work..
Last week I spent two days in a row without sleeping. Saturday and Sunday. Off course that Monday morning I looked like a zombie and if with nothing on my hands I would just sleep. That easy yeah. I think I slept some minutes with my eyes open to be honest.. Otherwise I wouldn't have survive.
Anyway, today I'm not gonna sleep again due all the work because there's no way I can go to sleep and wake up early tomorrow and do all the things I have to do plus the bus trip to college and then back home that takes precious work hours. Yep, it does.
The funny thing about this? The way I react to some things during night and what I do to keep the work going on and to keep myself awake. After some weeks I will have a list of hilarious things probably. And the best? Oh yes... the way I react the next day. I don't seem sleepy. No. I seem like an hyperactive kid that keeps talking and talking and talking and that's always moving one place to another. And yes, it's just me, no drugs, no drinks. Just the lack of sleep making some effect on me.

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