The Breakfast Song

Let's say you could have moments like those you see in the movies, you know, those moments when a song starts playing while you're doing something completely normal like... waking up, walking, reading, among others. Can you imagine it? How would you feel if that happened? Good? Annoyed? Or as always?

Now imagine you do have those music moments but let's say that they only happen twice during your day. When it begins and when it's already ending. Sounds good? "Yeah, why not?", I think to myself.

Well, somehow, I do have those moments. And yeah, off course I'm the responsible for the song. Well, I do not choose it always but the moment itself, the moment with the music is, most of the time, because I want to have it.

How? For me it goes something like this.
When I wake up I usually have time to check the e-mails so I always end up to choose some music to play while I'm getting ready. What's the meaning of that music? It's my mood. That music, the one I'm waking up with and beginning my day it's, in part, something that can define the rest of my day. It oftens define my humor.
And.. about the last song, the last song is most of the time what really reflects what the day was and what's my mood after an entire day. As I start the day, many the times I end up the day with my computer on and the media player playing some song I chose from my library. The song just means one, and only one, thing. The song reflects, and I talk about the rhythm and also the lyrics, how I feel after all the things I went through the all day. It's a song that makes me feel happy or sad at the end. The song that usually defines how well I sleep at night.

I do hear a lot of songs. Everyday. And I want keep doing this "ritual" forever. Not because of the end song but because of the first song of the day. Because I can choose it according the way I feel and not the way the others make me feel. I want to be able to think that maybe, and just maybe, I may have a impact on my mood for a day, with the simple choice of a song. And that some days I may really end the day with the same song that I started in the morning. A good one.

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