A Tried & Tested Method

If you want to know how much you can love someone, how much someone means to you the only thing you need to do is keep to yourself the little things they do that just annoys you. And also the stuff they do that make you feel slightly mad at them. My theory is that the more you keep to yourself the more they mean to you because, let's face, you only keep thing for youself when you don't want to get trouble with that person. Okay, okay, in some cases that isn't the reason why we keep things to ourselves but I think you probably understand my point.

So... how much do you keep for yourself about your best friend? Or about the other friend? Or even boyfriend? Girlfriend?

You not only see how much patience you can have towards to someone but you also end up knowing how good your memory can be because when the explosion occurs it's when you start talking about everything that went wrong in the past, about everything that may have lead to that "present moment".

Am I right? Or you think it's only one of my theories?

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