Raise The Dead

Little by little, even though the Summer is already ending (and I haven't had my real vacations yet!), I'm returning to what I consider holidays. Doing the things I like the most. Read and watching movies/series.

Yes, I've been watching movies every now and then but they have been pretty much about dance or thrillers.

But now I'm coming back to what I really love. Horror movies.
Gonna start again with the long marathons of horror movies. And I can't wait! Hmmm, zombies, I miss you guys!! Haha And I miss you too ghosts and other monsters or even human beings with some serious mental disorder that make you become a serial killer. All of you who are the horror movies! Eheh

So, get ready. Let's see if some movie can really scare me this time around.

One of my favorite movies!

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