Something's Got Me Started

I honestly don't know what made me have this, I don't, but I have an inexplicable passion for cinema. I love movies, tv shows (and I don't mean reality tv shows).

If I could I would spend weeks just watching movies. Like a super marathon. I would.
Little more than a year ago I had the time and opportunity to do some marathons. I would start watching movies at 9 or 10 pm and I would only end the marathon around 7am and only because my parents were waking up for work while I was on vacation. And no, at 7am I wasn't sleepy at all because I would keep watching movies If that wasn't synonym of hearing my mom yelling at me.

Anyway, now I don't have much for movies and tv shows. I'm on summer vacations but I'm working at my mom's store basically all day so when I get home the last thing I want to do is to sit for two hours in front of the computer or television and watch something. I like to watch movies when I'm wide awake. I like to understand them. I like to appreciate every image, every move, every little detail. For me movies is something magic. It is.

Despite the work, I'll have one week away from home where I will have the possibility to enjoy some sun baths and pool. What I'm gonna do at night? Watch movies! :D
In the morning? Pool, reading.... It's gonna be a good week. Just gonna relax.

Besides, my two new goals, one (movies) thanks to my friends who gave me this book for my birthday and the other because I just felt in love with the book yesterday and convinced my dad to bought it are...

(1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die) 

Can't wait to say I've seen and read all those!

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