Songs Remind Me Of You

Music. Songs. They make us feel happy... sad... sexy... like crying... calm... relax... melancholic... loved... nostalgic... sleepy...
They make us feel. Remember stuff. Live the moment.

Some songs I relate to you. You were either playing them nonstop or they happen to be some songs that we used to listen when we were together. They remind me of you.

Thank God I don't like them that much. I'm grateful that I don't feel the need to listen them over and over just because I love them. I'm happy that the only time I end up hear them is those moments when I don't have a choice on the music playing.

I'm happy. I'm happy that in the end you became so easy to be forgotten.

And if it wasn't my brother and the television I wouldn't have listen the song and wouldn't have remember you.

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