What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost

Because sometimes all you want is to people mind their own business and leave your alone, those are the times when it's really good to feel like a ghost for most of the world. No one notices you with real attention, nobody seems to care what you do or even what you say. Those are the times that we usually don't mind being treated like a ghost. When we don't want anybody to bother us.

On the other hand, we are also treated like ghosts when we shouldn't be. Imagine you work hard, really really hard for something you want to achieve. A promotion, a job position, a grade, a prize. Anything. When you accomplish that you like to be rewarded and noticed right? I don't say appear on TV and go to the magazines and all that. I'm talking about credit. You like to see your work recognized and being object of value to other people right? It's good to see our work being well received by the others. Feels great to see that we created something or accomplished something. Especially when most of people think we aren't able to do such thing.

It sure does... but not when we are still treated like a ghost. It affects our ego. No matter how big or small your ego may be but you can't lie. When you don't see your work recognized your ego feels hurt. All that stuff makes him feel little, like a ant. We like to be noticed every once in a while. Not being treated like a ghost.

I had my quote of ghosts treatments. I know how it feels. Unfortunately I do. But I also now how powerful they can be for who suffers from it. It's that kind of treatment that makes us feel motivation to go further. It motivates us to seek for something bigger and always try to reach that high point, the point that no one believes you are able to reach. Because then, at that high point, you don't change. You shouldn't give ghosts treatments either. You should just smile, thank to everyone, especially those who gave you the ghost treatment (that will make them mad. If you use the right words, they gonna be seriously mad. Believe me) and look for the next big thing to reach.

You feel like a ghost? Don't feel bad.
See it as an opportunity. A good one!

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