You Don't Actually Have Things All That Bad

People tend to over react everything in life. At the smallest problem I often hear "Oh my god, this is it! my life is ruined." And the blabla goes on.
I mean, seriously, are you gonna keep saying that?

I may not know what your problem is but I'm pretty sure it isn't the end of the world.
Well, if you tell me that you received a message from another superior being saying the world is gonna end it's other story but even that, people will just think you're crazy. Right?! Right..

When something happens to you, please, please, do NOT over react. Okay, swear what you want for the time you need but don't start saying to the people that want to help you or are worried about you that they don't understand. Don't tell them that's impossible for them to understand what you are going through and anything like that. It may be truth but still, at the same time, you don't know what the other person has been through. We're not obligated to tell each other every single problem we have. So, who says the other person doesn't have indeed a bigger problem than you? A problem that isn't necessarily the end of the world but that is somehow something more worth to worry about than yours? Hmm?

Yes, I know that in the heat of the moment we forget a lot of things but try to control yourself and remember this.

And think positive because, unfortunately, there is always someone in this world who's in a worst position than us. There is always someone who lives with less conditions than us.
Instead of trying to make everything around you try to see the big picture every once in a while instead of thinking about yourself only.

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