I Never Needed It Now So Much

I know I haven't post anything lately but I've been thinking more in portuguese than english. That's the reason I haven't update this blog so much.

Anyway, the truth is, the last few days I've been trying to catch as many hours of sleep I have in debt as possible. Spending the entire day at college working and doing stuff for the new students welcoming it's exhausting. No matter if it's raining or is just too damn hot to be working at all. Yes, I have caught every type of weather in one week only. Then, all I want when I get home is to get some good night of sleep.

I can't. I just can't.
And all I want is a couple of nights of sleep because next week I won't sleep at all. Why?

Welcoming the new students for whole 4 days. It's gonna be fun! Can't wait.

And they better show up after all the work we are having.

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  1. Nice, but I feel you girl, haven't gotten much sleep or homework done between my job and school...best of luck to the both of us. :)