Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Ohh, still about college... I did went to bed after nearly two days in a row in front of the computer but only when I got the all process done. Too bad it was in the 2nd option. The good news is.. there's no 2nd option anymore. My mom says karma it's the responsible for this luck I had and maybe it is. The thing is, the first round to be enrolled in the class I wanted was cancelled for everyone, every student from 2nd to 5th year. We had to do everything again. And... I GOT IT!!! I was lucky enough to be accepted in my first option! So HAPPY!!!

I don't like to ask for things. Not from my friends, my parents.. anyone. I just don't. But this time, I ask, to whoever is going to be responsible for it, please please don't change my college schedule. It's so GOOD!!
I mean, it's the morning schedule which means I get the afternoons to work on my projects and also that I'm available to spend some afternoons at the cinema as well if I feel in the mood for that.
So, please, don't change it! I mean, if you switch some classes I don't mind because 4h30 of drawing class it's a little bit too much but oh well.. if you let things like this I'm not gonna be the one who's gonna spend every single minute trying to lead you to a nervous breakdown just because I wouldn't stop talking.

More updates will come probably in the next weeks because, yep, the schedule isn't something definitive. It's only gonna be in October I think. Urggg!

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