Some Of My Best Friends Are Sharks

I know quite a few people. But only some are what I call, "friends". And some, some of those are sharks. They just go for it, no matter what. Even if someone tell them that is better to forget the idea and get another solution, even if some kind of negativism reach their ideas, they just try to reach what they want.
What can I say? I love it.

I love their strong characters, their strength to accomplish things even when ahlf of the world is trying to lead them to the opposite direction. Somehow they give me the same strength to pursue the things I like and to not give up easily.

I don't mind when some people comment my friends attitude because most of the time they are just jealous. Jealous for not being able to pursue things like they do.

Some of my best friends are sharks. So what? Maybe I'm one too. We know what we want in life. How about you?

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