Check Your Head

That's what I heard yesterday from my parents. And... maybe, just maybe!, I agree with them.

I mean, who would, in their perfect mind, decide to cook all afternoon? I mean, no one! At least no one of my age who was supposed to be thinking on a new project for college or taking driving lessons.
But no, I had to have the crazy idea! I spent the entire afternoon cooking. At the end, nope, my kitchen wasn't upside down. Everything in its own place and very clean by the way...

Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies! I made the recipe not once but TWICE!! One wasn't enough for everybody. I had to make two.

The shape of the cookies is something like this.

And I did. I'm proud of that. But the ironic thing was that despite the fact that in the end was almost automatic, I still managed to burn the last tray of cookies. They ended up black, black black! Like charcoal. Really! It was kinda funny. The best thing was not hearing from my parents. Yey!

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