Heart's A Mess

Usually the heart always speaks louder than the head. Why? I'm serious... why?!

During our life our parents, teachers and friends teach us how to think and analyze things. We learn how to understand what's going around us. We are always asked to give some kind of solution, some kind of answer to a question.
Why do we do all that if in the end most of the things we do in our life are mostly influenced by our heart?
I doubt, I really do, that there is someone out there who can always act only according to their head, to their thoughts. It's impossible.

Love Is Messy (painting by Sean Moroney)

So, dear heart.. why? Can you tell me why you decide to interfere every once in a while? I mean, sometimes it's ok, but there are moments that your intromission isn't really helpful... AT ALL!

And seriously, you are a little bit messy. And confusing. And exhausting. And messy again.
It feels so good when you and my head can finally reach an agreement for something and just stop for moments the discussion between both.

This time, I ask you... don't turn out to be a mess. Not again. Not this time.

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