You Bring The Cupcakes, I'll Bring The Zombies

Halloween is coming!!! I love it!

Here in Portugal, Halloween isn't a real tradition. In the past years, yeah, it's more common to see people all dressed up and all the parties and pumpkins at the stores but the reality is there isn't the tradition we know that happens in the USA. There isn't the bags full of chocolates and all the sweets we can have.

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What I like about Halloween it's the horror movies. Every single year there's a few channels with horror movies marathons. It's like... AESOME! Some pick one movie for each night of the week, others, beside that, pick a few more to do a marathon on Halloween day.

I can't wait for that week. I'm already stressed out about college work but I'm gonna be capable to find a way to do that marathon. I will!! And the best? It's gonna be a popcorn day too! Eheh

So, whoever wants to join, bring something. I'll take care of the movies. And the gummie bears. And the popcorns. You... you bring something to drink!


  1. Posso ficar encarregue da sangria?

  2. Hahaha!
    Acho que os meus zombies vão ser os materiais da maquete de projecto.
    Isso sim vai ser a minha maratona de Halloween! LOL