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Despite all the work, yes, I had my Halloween marathon! Hurray!!

The weekend was really rainy which changed all my plans but unfortunately didn't change the amount of work. The goal of the weekend? Manage everything and have the time for what I wanted to do initially.

Halloween day?! Spent at my friend's house doing the project for college and hearing the rain (which was much less that the day before thankfully) but, as soon as I got home, I started preparing the night. Movies? Check. Popcorns? Check. Gummies bears? Double check.
In the end I saw 6 movies (some because I wasn't remembering the story) and another one on the 1st November night. And yes, I liked most of them. Interesting for sure.

I watched them alone since I don't have anyone in this house who likes horror movies and the next morning, when my mom find out I made a marathon of horror movies, with 6 movies her heart almost stoped but oh well, nothing she should been used to already. Okay, it's true, I didn't have a marathon for months already and horror movies was something I wasn't having the time for...

Now, Halloween over, it's already in the cinemas "The Demon" so... yep, the next movie I'm gonna see!
As soon I finish the project I'll get one afternoon for cinema only!

This Halloween's movies: The Exorcist (1973), Dawn of the Dead (remake), [REC] 2, The Descent: Part 2, Trick 'r Treat, The Signal and Drag Me To Hell.

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