I Can See Where This Is Going Now

Lately I've been everywhere. For everybody. Except for me.

Working nonstop for a month already I just don't have enough time to do anything to myself.
If not at college doing some group work or taking care of class stuff I'll probably be at home cleaning up and cooking dinner and that's only after 8pm, the time I get home after the two bus I have to take.

I'm challenging myself more than I ever did and I think I'm feeling the final level where I can go.
The exhaustion due all the work finds it really funny to make pair with emotional exhaustion which is far more hard to handle than the first one.
I'm reaching my true limits. I am!

But I have no way to run away from all the work. Not if I want to see things done and ready to deliver.
All I want right now is a pause. A pause button! So I can press it and live for myself just a little bit. Just 24 hours. I don't need more than that.
24 hours without questions, without phone calls, without text messages or e-mails, without anyone who just likes to annoy me. One day.

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