If You See Her Say Hello

Hope. Funny thing. Hope.

How many times do you have hope in something?
How many times do you believe something will happen just because you say you have hope, faith?

I used to say that as well. Now? Not so much.
It just started to vanish. It slowly disappeared... not for the small things like "I hope the teacher has some kind of reunion and doesn't appear to give class today" and stuff like that. It disappeared, but for the important things. It disappeared for those moments when we feel hope is what keep most us strong enough to move on.
I noticed that I don't have hope anymore for what I used to. Especially people. People. The faith, the hope, I used to have in people's attitudes, behaviour and all that just vanished with time. Smoothly, with its time, with its reasons.

People are either the best thing in the world or the worst. There's not a middle term. But when we start losing the hope we have in most of them, that.. that is probably the worst.

So, if you see Hope, say hello for me. And for you too. Tell her you need her in your life. It may not appear, but it helps. Trust me.

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