Never Take Friendship Personal

Now. Right now. At this exact moment. How do you think most people define friendship? Something pure? A way to accomplish a goal? Just something too ordinary? Too common? Something superficial?

Most of the time I look at people, I look around me, and I see what happens between people and I think people consider friendship everything but the first option I asked above. Why? Because I don't see honesty. I don't see people talk with each other, help each other without second intentions, without knowing that by helping the "favor" will be returned, someday, somehow.
Friendship isn't that. It isn't.

Friendship is giving without asking anything for trade. Is being there for the worst moments first, and only then the best ones. Is being close even when the distance says you are distant from each other. That is frienship. At least a small part of it.

So, I'm learning... and not taking it personal. Why? Because I'm ending up with bruises. Because in the end I get hurt.

Friendship. I have an idea of it. I just have to find people who share the same idea.

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