Second Chance

More than ever I believe that the only second chance a person has is just an opportunity to make the same mistake. Nothing in the past years have prove me something else.

We fight, we argue, we stay mad at each other for months. Finally I accept your apologies. I  try to get back the same relationship. Or at least what's more similar to it.
I did it him. One person.
I wasn't able with you. Or with you. I tried. I really did. But the second chance I gave you was just an opportunity for you to make the same mistakes you did in the past. The talks I had with you were useless. When I told you why I was angry with you was worthless for the future.

Yes, a second chance is always a second chance. It's good when we are given that second chance. But... does it really matter the same for everyone? Is it overrated? Or underrated instead?
I gave my quote of second chances. I'm getting tired and honestly they are disappearing faster than I thought they could...

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